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Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air Construction Services

FM Handyman is an accredited, effective, efficient handyman in the Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air area that offers a myriad of construction services. I provide both residential and commercial construction services with a proven track record. Although I specialize in Handyman Services, Patios and Decks and Ceramic Tiles, no construction project is too large or too small, and all construction, renovation and repair projects that I undertake are as important to me as they are to my customers. Some of the services I provide include, but are not limited to:

Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air Renovations & Repairs

Have you outgrown the home you love? Need more space, or just want to organize your space more conveniently? Call FM Handyman to transform your existing house into a home for the future.

  • Additional bedrooms
  • Entertainment rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Home offices, kitchens & living rooms

I will walk you through your renovation or addition from design and planning to completion.

  • I can resolve your damp basement, or help you transform your basement into a custom-designed area that will give you the cozy space you need.

No matter what part of your home or office that you want renovated, I work to make the experience as smooth as possible. I will handle all of the details, permits and purchases for your renovation, and consult you every step of the way so that we are on the same page throughout the renovation process.

Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air Decks and Patios

Do you need to make better use of your outdoor living space? Perhaps you would like to create a new, cozy deck area in a large space.

A FM Handyman custom-designed deck is just the solution.

I will spend the time to outline the various options for your deck, and explain the benefits and pricing options for materials like preserved wood, cedar, PVC and composite material.

My range of skills also include:

  • Gates
  • Bench Seating
  • Flower boxes
  • Gazebos
  • Outdoor Lighting

Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air Roofing

When it comes to your roof, I've got you covered

  • Roof Repair

Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air Bathrooms

I will help you plan and execute the bathroom renovation you've been dreaming of.

With unmatched personal service and a strong commitment to quality, I will deliver creative, elegant and affordable designs.

Why choose me for your bathroom renovation?

  • Excellent customer references.
  • In-home, personalized service.
  • I will work with you from estimate to completion.
  • I will help you shop for fixtures and materials.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

To get your project started, contact me for your in-home consultation today!

Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air Kitchens

From tile floors and lighting fixtures, right down to the kitchen sink, I will work with you to plan every detail of your kitchen renovation, and bring those designs to life.

FM Handyman provides unmatched personal service with a commitment to quality, design, elegance and affordability.

Why choose me for your kitchen project?

  • Excellent customer references.
  • In-home, personalized service.
  • I will work with you from estimate to completion.
  • I will help you shop for fixtures and materials.
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air Flooring

Laying new surfaces in wood, tile, stone, and concrete.

FM Handyman can also refinish your existing floors, including sanding, staining, and polishing. Need a new staircase? FM Handyman can do that too, using the material of your choice.

Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air Painting

Indoor and outdoor. Around doors and windows.

From a single room to an entire home or office, FM Handyman includes immaculate clean-up for all jobs.

Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air Insulation

FM Handyman is one of the premier spray foam insulation experts in the Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air region. Spray foam insulation is the most sought after form of insulation on the market because of its numerous benefits. As an insulator, spray foam has one of the highest R-values (measurement of thermal resistance) which is the exact thing you want in an insulation material. It is this R-value that keeps the cold from getting in, the heat from getting out and vice versa. Basically, the higher the R-value the more money you are going to save on your Edgewood, Baltimore, Bel Air utility bill. When thinking about insulating your home or business it is best to think of the project as an investment as you gain a return on your investment via money saved on the expense of your HVAC systems and it increases the resale value of a property.

But the benefits of foam insulation are far more than just its high R-value. It also strengthens the walls and attics coated with it due to its glue like quality; holding things in place against high winds and other forms of damage. Spray foam is also faster to apply than other types of insulation so the time it takes to properly insulate your property is significantly reduced. Lastly, as the foam is sprayable it is much easier to insulate hard to reach areas and to ensure that small nooks and crannies are correctly covered. This is very important as areas that are left uninsulated or contain leaks will have a negative effect on your utility bill.

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Keep in mind that I am a handyman, so there are plenty of services I offer that are not listed here. Just because you do not see it, doesn't mean I am not experienced or proficient at it. Simply call me to set up an in-home or in-office appointment or inquire about any project you might have. I will gladly put in a bid, show you samples, answer your questions, or provide references if you desire. I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in the future. Once you hire FM Handyman you'll have a handyman for life. From that first phone call to the last project I complete for you, you will see, customer service is extremely important to me.

For more information about our services, please contact us by phone at (410) 236-9761 or by email.

Construction Tips

Licensed and Insured. The last thing you want is a handyman to be working on your property, only to find out they don't have the proper insurance or aren't licensed to do the work, because if something goes wrong or someone is hurt at a work site, you could be held liable for the damages. Make sure that the handyman you choose has ample worker's compensation, property damage, and personal liability coverage.

References. The best way to ascertain if the handyman you choose is skilled and competent enough to do the job is to ask for and verify a list of references consisting of past customers that you can contact. Customers that get what they paid for and who are happy with the job your handyman has done for them are usually only too happy to provide an endorsement on the handyman's work. Choose me, and before long you'll be on our reference list!